Research and DEVELOPMENT

Design and simulation

We create complex designs, which can be optimized with multiphysical simulations. These designs are transferred directly into production files.

Individual technology and product solutions

We transform your ideas together with you into technology and product solutions. Your requirements flow directly into the development process.

Handling, manipulation and analysis of fluids

Channels and cavities can be integrated into LTCC multilayer substrates. Through the combination with metal layers and their precise structuring (e.g. by picosecond laser) it is possible to measure (e.g. temperature, impedance, mass flow) and physically influence (e.g. by heating or high frequency fields) fluids flowing through them.

The metal structures can be in direct or indirect contact with the fluid. This enables us to develop new applications for your products in the fields of biology, medicine, microreaction technology and gas sensor technology.

High performance electronic solutions.